Malvern Autumn Show

Yes, its that time of year!

Malvern Autumn Show is barely two and a half weeks away. My, doesn't it come around quickly?

22nd - 24th September inclusive.

Excitement is an understatement!
Our stand requirements have been submitted to our 'Show Co-ordinator', publicity is organised by our Publicity Team and yours truly is updating the website.

Many of us have been designing and redesigning our stands for Malvern and this will take various forms from the beautifully hand drawn, to sketches on piece of paper, to using 2D or even 3D CAD.

Now, I can't draw to save my life and my sketches just look like a spider wandered through the ink! I'm definitely not an arty crafter, so CAD works for me!

Worcestershire Guild are part of the Guilds of Craftsmen Arcade in the Wye Hall. And, dare I say, saving the best until last, we are right at the back. There is Visitor Information on the official website, and hopefully, a site map to come.

For us it's a show within a show, organised and executed to give you a good visitor experience. There is plenty of room to wander amongst our designer makers, to stop & chat,  whether it be with a view to buying or just for interest, you will all be most welcome. Here's a little taste from 2022

At Malvern you will find 35 - 40 of our fabulous designer makers & invited guests. Skilled makers with clay, glass, paper, textiles, metals & wood.

While we might have 3 'glass' designers, their techniques, skills & approach lead to very different results. The same can be said for all the media.
We have artists with silver, gold, copper and steel, and not just jewellery - that in itself could be with precious stones, for special and significant events or for everyday.

Wood is crafted into fine, heirloom furniture, carved into sculptures and on a large scale. Textiles to wear, for function, for everyday and for occassions. And clay varies from the finest porcelain to garden sculptures, to quirky pieces that will absolutely make you laugh.

All beautiful pieces of unique and very personal work, made with heart and committment for you to delight in owning.

So much to see.

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