Harriet Wilson – Enamels

Harriet (or Firefly as she is known) is inspired by the intricate work of enamellists across the world and the shiny, colourful and permanent process of melted glass on metal.

Enamels are made by fusing finely-ground coloured glass to metal at a very high temperature.  It’s a technique that goes back to the 13th Century.

Harriet usually enamels on copper and her style is contemporary, fun, sometimes quirky, but always with an eye to colour and form.

She uses a kiln heated to anywhere between 790°C to over 900°C.  At these temperatures, copper becomes cherry red and enamel does unexpected things.  A seemingly magical process produces an alchemy of glass, oxides and pigments which transforms the powdered glass into beautiful coloured pieces.

‘Enamel is a wonderful permanent medium’ says Harriet ‘and my jewellery, vessels and other items will remain as vibrant as the day they emerged from the kiln’


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