Ria Poynton - Designer Jewellery

As a designer Ria constantly search for that greater sense of satisfaction, and achievement beyond the last point. It's what keeps her going. Ria loves to work hard and see my work evolve, and that in turn helps her grow and change.

Throughout her short career so far, her flair and individuality has been recognised and has won numerous industry awards in both jewellery and furniture 'design and make'.

The concepts and pieces she develop are unique, taking inspiration from daily life. Typically clean designs, simple motifs and technically intricate. Ria loves the challenge of the materials she work with, and adores being a designer maker.

Inspired by geometric forms Ria’s wire-based work is modelled on complex traditional filigree pieces, concentrating on the development of traditional ideas and methods in the creation of contemporary pieces. Ria’s jewellery is a modern version of complex designs and is carefully crafted from high-grade materials of silver and gold.