Fi Tilbury - jeweller

Fi began as a painter, having trained in fine art but now produces unique, handmade jewellery pieces which are mostly made in silver, incorporating precious stones and hints of gold. She regularly takes on jewellery commissions and recommissions old jewellery.

Fi's work is inspired by the style of ancient and archaeological artefacts and natural forms and aspires to have a very handmade and almost 'dug up' look. She feels that her own Kashmiri background subconsciously filters into her designs and most of the work is hand forged but she also uses the lost wax casting process.

Vibrant colour always plays a large part in Fi's jewellery and she feels that her fine art background has definitely had an influence on her jewellery making which is made using a very fluid and organic process.


Studio 4
The Fold



Fi runs jewellery making workshops regularly in lost wax, silver & bezel setting.