Jill Bagnall - Glass

I've always been a maker! Leaning towards the practical rather than the esoteric.

For the last decade or more I've focused on Glass, creating kiln-formed, predominantly fused, glass; sometimes with function, sometimes without. Experimenting with colour and pattern, in compliment & contrast; enriched by the unique interaction between glass and light.

Kiln-formed processes have ancient origins and yet glass is still not a totally predictable and well-behaved media, this only serves to make the exploration more exciting and challenging in equal measure.
My designs are inspired by science & geometry; often complex, usually ordered & balanced though not necessarily symmetrical. My colour choices are inspired by nature - where, actually, anything goes! And I mainly use high quality art glass for its choice and depth of colours.

I love the work of Kandinsky and am downright enthralled by Gaudi. I love the impressionists (mostly) and just about anything Bauhaus. And William Morris' "have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" is my mantra!

Who knew? I love teaching; guiding people of all ages to make their own fabulous glass; they inspire me in return!



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