Seasons of mists and……

well I’ve started so I’ll finish…

…… mellow fruitfulness!

And for all members of your favourite contemporary craft guild that can only mean one thing; the autumn shows. Busy and busier right up to Ch-shhhh (we’ll mention that soon enough).

So what’s up?

A little bird tells me that Herefordshire Art Week kicks off on 2nd September, and runs through to the 10th. Quite a number of our talented designer makers will be exhibiting during h.Art in venues around the county.
Some are at their own studios and others at gallery style exhibitions so you may get treated to demonstrations as well as a chance to ‘meet the maker’ (check before you travel though as not all designers will be on hand every day.)
Including :-

Brian Maiden, Bridget Drakeford, Belinda Terry & Tara Coomber at Venue 51
Jenni Stuart-Anderson & Jill Bagnall at Venue 117
Sharon Curtis & Ali Tregaskes at venue 61 and venue 60
Jo Dewar & Claudia Petley at venue 46
Sam Hemming & Tanith Rouse at venue 54
Marie Therese-King at venue 36
Paul Shepherd at venue 127
Sarah Walker at venue 48

h.Art is a fabulous, county (and just beyond) wide celebration of the best arts and crafts. Outstanding artists, designer makers and multi skilled creatives rub shoulders at gorgeous venues.

Look out for the pink signs!
Runs 2nd to 10th October inclusive.

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