35 days to go……

Come round quick, hasn’t it?

And of course, we are all stocked up, our stands are designed and we are ready to go!

Well, maybe?

When not actually making, our skilled crafts people are designing, planning or out absorbing inspirational input and it never stops, so the piece you are going to buy could be already made, or it could be still just a glimmer in our designers’ eye. Each piece has a story to tell!
On top of that, pulling together our WGCC Show within Show doesn’t just happen. There is a lot of feverish activity behind the scenes, by our vounteer show co-ordinators and teams, which doesn’t stop until… well you know the saying?

And we wouldn’t have it any other way, we are very serious about what we do and putting on a good show is important to us as – in on-trend speak – “a great visitor experience”. With around 35 professional designer makers of exceptional talent, a wide range of price points and a warm welcome, you wont be disappointed.

So pay us a visit, in the our usual location – Wye Hall.
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As always, not all our members will exhibit, so check first with them, if there is someone specific you want to see.

And if you’ve not got your tickets yet – go here.

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