Barry Lockwood - Ceramics

I hand build all my ceramics, and classify them as studio pots, in the main concentrating on raku as the firing and glazing process. I love the finishes that can be produced using raku firing, which compliments the finish that I try to achieve in the production of the pots, based on texture and applied design.  I strive always to improve my raku skills, but still love the unexpected results, for me the very essence of the ceramic I make.

I work in a studio in the cellar of our house, bisque firing with an electric kiln.  I also share a studio with a large external space that allows for raku firing.

I have recently been introduced to the wonders of wood firing and pits, so these pots are now part of my output.

We are available for visits to our studio, and arranging Raku workshops, both at Valley Farm by appointment.


07597 404518


Runs workshop sessions