Who is at RHS Malvern Spring Festival

42 of our fabulous members, that's who!

Less than three weeks to go and we are ready.

Introducing 12 more of our highly talented members; there is no better opportunity to #MeetTheMakers than Malvern.

Victoria Baker

Victoria Baker - Woven Textiles

Sam Hemming

Sam Hemming - Beadwork Jewellery

Rachel Stowe

Andy Gray-Ling

Andy Gray-Ling Manor Wood Designs

Magnolia Restrepo

Magnolia Restrepo Jewellery

Nicholas Marsh

Ettore Consorte

Ettore Consorte - Jeweller

Penny Williams

Penny Williams - Jewellery and Metalwork

Martyn Pugh

Jewellery by Martyn Pugh

Jenni Stuart-Anderson

Jocelyn Perry

Simon Conolly

Simon Conolly ceramics

Before you go!

See the previous 12 exhibitors here.

And for the next 12, bookmark our news tab, we'll be back in a few days.

Make sure you've got your tickets.
We look forward to sharing our passion for craftwork & design with you when you visit.

Spring means Malvern

Preparations are well underway for Worcestershire Guild of Contemporary Craft's big event at the RHS Malvern Spring Garden Festival just over 6 weeks away.

Artshades Worcestershire Guild Contemporary Craft


We have been part of the Spring Festival for a long time and it is always a highlight of our year.
This year is no exception; we have dusted off our back boards, checked our electrics and ordered tables & chairs  . . . .

. . . . and we're busy making sure we can take your breath away with our outstanding crafts.


With 45 exceptional designer makers, all skilled artisans in traditional and contemporary crafts for you to see and, of course, an opportunity to Meet The Makers.

At The Malvern Spring Garden Festival you will have a great day out, we are just part and there is so much to see. Click here to the festival website and link to book tickets etc.

Martyn Pugh Wocestershire Guild Contemporary Craft

Martyn Pugh



So whether your looking for inspirational gifts for friends or family, a treat for yourself or just to come and find out more you should pop along to our "show within a show".


As always, find us in the Wye Hall, Guilds of Crafts area, conveniently positioned near the Brown, Blue and West Gate entrances.


We looking forward to seeing you, old friend or new.

When it rains?

When it rains, make rainbows! So the saying goes.

Colour will not be in short supply at Craftworks this weekend. Our designer makers love colour and the hall will be bursting with it: From rainbow glass to textiles to jewellery, ceramics and gorgeous prints.

Discover Marie-Therese King, a highly accomplished batik artist. Her prints and textiles are sure to brighten your day.



Take time to explore the fabulous beadwork of Sam Hemmings.
Sam uses exquisite gemstone and glass beads to create intricate work that endures.


Discover the delight of Artshades by Sarah Walker. Why settle for ordinary when you can have these gorgeous lamps and shades enriching your home.


Experimental Enameller, is how Harriet Wilson describes herself. You can explore the colours; tones and contrasts, within Harriet's work as she refuses to be constrained by the 'normal' approach to her media. Always something to delight.


Colour is usually the defining factor for glass artist Jill Bagnall. She will tell you that glass+Light=Magic; the intricate way glass plays with light breathes life into her work. Stop by and she'll explain more!

Explore, Discover, Be Tempted at Craftworks

21st and 22nd October, Elmslie House, Malvern (click button for info & directions) open 10am - 4pm. Entry is Freww, and the cafe is open for home baked cakes & lite bites.

Craftworks – there’s more

Meet the Makers

Explore our beautiful designer crafts for unique and special Christmas gifts.
Discover more about techniques, materials and just what makes our makers so special.
Be tempted, treat yourself or commission a one of a kind piece for your home. And know you are buying hand-made. locally made while supporting small & traditional businesses.
At Craftworks this weekend 21st & 22nd October.




Basket Weaver Jenny Pearce uses unstripped willow, mostly grown locally in Herefordshire, for her baskets, which come in all shapes & sizes for beautiful natural accessories for your home. How's that for local?




While Sharon Curtis hand-cuts fine papers with an eye for detail, to create gorgeous 3 dimensional artworks as well as producing limited edition reduction lino prints.

We are also joined by designer jeweller Belinda Gilbert.
Each of our jewellers brings a very different aesthetic to their work and that translates into lots of choice for you. Discover Belinda's inspiration at Craftworks this weekend.

Belinda Gilbert - Designer Jewellery

Explore, Discover, Be Tempted at Craftworks!

21st and 22nd October, Elmslie House, Malvern (click button for info & directions) open 10am - 4pm. Oh! And how could I forget, the cafe is open for home baked cakes etc and entry is completely free.

Who else is at Craftworks this weekend?

We have a late addition, making 18 amazing craftsmen and women for your delight & delectation!

A little Italian style never goes amiss and Ettore Consorte brings exactly that to Craftworks, with his fabulous jewellery. Last time I saw him he had a drop-dead gorgeous pendant featuring a brilliant spinel, a much underrated gemstone I knew nothing about. He will most gladly tell you all about these lovely gems and all the other stones he uses. And I just need a lottery win!


Also appearing are charming printmaker Rachel Salisbury and master furniture designer maker Brian Maiden, come and explore, discover and be tempted.

This weekend, 21st and 22nd October, Elmslie House, Malvern. Open 10am – 4pm, free entry. Click the link for directions etc. The cafe will be open all weekend too!


Who is?

Who is at Craftworks?

Barry is our chairman, but what I really want to know is. . . .

. . . just exactly what is he doing in his ‘action shot’.

I’ll have to wait until Craftworks to find out #MeettheMaker.

Come and find out for yourself next weekend 21st & 22nd October, Elmslie House, Malvern.

Christmas means Craftworks


The Guild’s very own Craftworks is just 15 days away.
Come and meet the makers, chat with the craftsmen, discuss with the designers!

In the lovely relaxed setting of Elmslie House, Malvern, you’ll find time & space to browse 16 outstanding exhibits across ceramics, print, jewellery and more. And you can be assured everything is locally made, by hand, by the actual people you meet. #Shoplocal #Handmade #designermakerartist.
We love to talk about what we do!

The in house cafe, serving delicious, homemade light bites and moreish cakes, will be open during our show.
So, make time to visit, relax and enjoy.
And, perhaps, start ticking off those unique, rather special presents for loved ones this Christmas.

Entry is Free!


Malvern Autumn Show

Yes, its that time of year!

Malvern Autumn Show is barely two and a half weeks away. My, doesn't it come around quickly?

22nd - 24th September inclusive.

Excitement is an understatement!
Our stand requirements have been submitted to our 'Show Co-ordinator', publicity is organised by our Publicity Team and yours truly is updating the website.

Many of us have been designing and redesigning our stands for Malvern and this will take various forms from the beautifully hand drawn, to sketches on piece of paper, to using 2D or even 3D CAD.

Now, I can't draw to save my life and my sketches just look like a spider wandered through the ink! I'm definitely not an arty crafter, so CAD works for me!

Worcestershire Guild are part of the Guilds of Craftsmen Arcade in the Wye Hall. And, dare I say, saving the best until last, we are right at the back. There is Visitor Information on the official website, and hopefully, a site map to come.

For us it's a show within a show, organised and executed to give you a good visitor experience. There is plenty of room to wander amongst our designer makers, to stop & chat,  whether it be with a view to buying or just for interest, you will all be most welcome. Here's a little taste from 2022

At Malvern you will find 35 - 40 of our fabulous designer makers & invited guests. Skilled makers with clay, glass, paper, textiles, metals & wood.

While we might have 3 'glass' designers, their techniques, skills & approach lead to very different results. The same can be said for all the media.
We have artists with silver, gold, copper and steel, and not just jewellery - that in itself could be with precious stones, for special and significant events or for everyday.

Wood is crafted into fine, heirloom furniture, carved into sculptures and on a large scale. Textiles to wear, for function, for everyday and for occassions. And clay varies from the finest porcelain to garden sculptures, to quirky pieces that will absolutely make you laugh.

All beautiful pieces of unique and very personal work, made with heart and committment for you to delight in owning.

So much to see.

Seasons of mists and……

well I’ve started so I’ll finish…

…… mellow fruitfulness!

And for all members of your favourite contemporary craft guild that can only mean one thing; the autumn shows. Busy and busier right up to Ch-shhhh (we’ll mention that soon enough).

So what’s up?

A little bird tells me that Herefordshire Art Week kicks off on 2nd September, and runs through to the 10th. Quite a number of our talented designer makers will be exhibiting during h.Art in venues around the county.
Some are at their own studios and others at gallery style exhibitions so you may get treated to demonstrations as well as a chance to ‘meet the maker’ (check before you travel though as not all designers will be on hand every day.)
Including :-

Brian Maiden, Bridget Drakeford, Belinda Terry & Tara Coomber at Venue 51
Jenni Stuart-Anderson & Jill Bagnall at Venue 117
Sharon Curtis & Ali Tregaskes at venue 61 and venue 60
Jo Dewar & Claudia Petley at venue 46
Sam Hemming & Tanith Rouse at venue 54
Marie Therese-King at venue 36
Paul Shepherd at venue 127
Sarah Walker at venue 48

h.Art is a fabulous, county (and just beyond) wide celebration of the best arts and crafts. Outstanding artists, designer makers and multi skilled creatives rub shoulders at gorgeous venues.

Look out for the pink signs!
Runs 2nd to 10th October inclusive.