Gaby Devitt – Textiles

After tackling the complexities of weaving and having a curiosity of how colour works once woven together, I fell in love with the entire process of weaving. Investing days of time to set up the loom is all part of the process and worth every moment once I begin to see the colours I have chosen working together and the cloth being woven.

​I take inspiration from the seasonal colours in nature I see on my daily dog walks and coastal adventures.
Translating these colours and feeling into lambswool is a wonderful task.

I like to design on the loom, I enjoy choosing a range of colours, sampling patterns, mixing colours and playing with proportion of colour.
Every piece of fabric I weave has an end product in mind, I focus on interior products creating a complimenting collection of Lampshades and Cushions for your home.'


Tel: 07769 290567

I have a shop at;
18 The Basement
Gloucester Road